Hollywood Hypocrites and their Media Allies Exposed

Hollywood loves to lecture Americans about the alleged dangers of fossil fuels and climate change. But do these millionaire celebrities play by the rules they demand average Americans play by?

As this blockbuster MRC Business report exposes, Hollywood celebrities are shameless hypocrites who fly around in private jets, boast extravagant collections of ultra-luxury cars, motorcycles, and yachts. You won’t believe the one mega-rich Hollywood legend who tells us “the world is in shambles” but owns a Humvee fire truck and a $32-million submarine!

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Phony environmentalists want hard working Americans to give up our pickup trucks, while they pump more carbon emissions in the air during one round trip to France on their private jet than the average American does in one year of driving to work.

And who are the chief propagandists for these left-wing hypocrites?

The liberal media. The media promote every extremist Hollywood celebrity environmentalist cause, censor Hollywood’s CO2 addiction, and have the audacity to vilify average Americans for causing climate change!

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