Stop the Lies and Censorship!

According to recent Gallup polls, 60 percent of Americans now believe that the media are blatantly biased—but this isn't stopping their attacks on conservatives. They are now adopting an even more disgraceful tactic: censorship.

Look at just a couple of these media blackouts that have occurred in the last few months—in addition to the thuggish union violence in Michigan:

  • They knowingly covered up the administration's Benghazi debacle, and they continue to give cover to the administration by not asking the tough questions.
  • They fail to mention the negative consequences of the installation of Obamacare like the increase in private insurance premiums, the 83 percent of doctors who are considering leaving their practices due to rising costs, and private businesses like Hobby Lobby getting penalized for not complying with this insidious law.

All this isn't just media bias . . . it's censorship disguised as journalism—and it must be exposed!

At the Media Research Center, we know that there is a battle raging over the hearts and minds of the American public. The liberal media believe that if they dictate what the public hears, they can frame public opinion on almost any issue. Just look at how the media covered the March for Life last month.

A record-breaking crowd of 500,000 demonstrators showed up for the historic march in Washington, yet the media barely noticed it. Neither ABC nor CBS reported anything about the march, and NBC gave them a scant 15 seconds of airtime by posting one crowd shot describing the crowd as "thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators."

Meanwhile, the media lavished attention on the miniscule march that took place the next day in Washington to support gun control. Despite ignoring the pro-lifers, both ABC and CBS newscasts highlighted a pro-gun control protest in D.C., which CBS anchor Jim Axelrod pegged at drawing "close to a thousand people."

It's obvious: The liberal media don't want you to hear the truth, and they will censor opinions, stories, and guests that do not advance their left-wing narrative while playing up those stories that support their pet policies.

We at the MRC are in the fray of this heated battle for truth. This is a fight that we cannot afford to lose. The very soul of our nation is at stake, and we need every truth-loving American to stand with us in this fight.

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Your help is needed to expose this journalistic corruption. Please join us by making a generous gift to the MRC to help us in the fight for truth. The future of America hangs in the balance.

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