cynthia magnunson en Rumsfeld: ‘Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Improve the Lives of Their Fellow Citizens’ <div class="field field-type-text field-field-subtitle"> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item odd"> George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense defends capitalism, slams socialism in his new book. </div> </div> </div> <div class="field field-type-nodereference field-field-source"> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item odd"> <div class="field-label-inline-first"> By</div> <a href="/author/liz-thatcher">Liz Thatcher</a> </div> </div> </div> <p dir="ltr">Former Secretary of Defense and CEO, Donald Rumsfeld has a brand new book focused on business, politics and more.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">read more</a></p> Articles MRC Business Art & Entertainment Business Economy Government Media attacks on capitalism book business cabinet members capitalism capitalism: a love story CEO cynthia magnunson Donald Rumsfeld entertainment free markets greed hollywood leadership Michael Moore Milton Friedman NFIB rumsfeld's rules Secretary of Defense self-interest selfishness socialism Wall Street Mon, 20 May 2013 14:59:48 +0000 julia.seymour 43620 at