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We are ready to fight back against the leftist media… But we need your immediate help

Everything we were told about ObamaCare by the politicians who crafted this catastrophic law and by the liberal media who propagandized on its behalf has been proven false. It’s far more expensive, far less effective, and far more devastating to our liberties and our national finances than the propagandists wanted us to believe.

And while those patriotic Americans who fought against ObamaCare have been vindicated, the Supreme Court has once again decided to uphold the catastrophic law.

The battle may have been lost, but the war is far from over. The Media Research Center is ready to wage a massive campaign educating the American public and exposing and neutralizing the media’s role in advocating for ObamaCare.

But because we did not budget for this campaign, we need additional funds to ensure that we’re fully equipped for battle.

Please join this critical campaign by donating right now. We must counter the liberal media’s propaganda and lies if we’re to save our republic from tyranny. Your donation will go a long way to achieving this goal.

Thank you for standing up for the Constitution.