Rod Stewart Defends Lambert's Sordid Sex Act: There's Nothing Wrong with That

Over the last decade, Rod Stewart has put a lot of work into cleaning up his act to give the appearance of growing old gracefully. But as a Dec. 1 appearance on ABC's “The View” proved, underneath the torch-songs and the lounge singer exterior, he's still Mr. “Do Ya Think I'm Sexy.” Stewart defended American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert's sordid sexual act at the American Music Awards, saying, “It's rock 'n roll.”

Lambert's over-the-top, in-your-face AMA performance last week featured male dancers on leashes, an open-mouth kiss between Lambert and his male keyboardist, and simulated oral sex, both male-on-male and female-on-male.

Even MTV has admitted that Lambert's AMA performance was “one that frequently crossed the border from sexy to rather graphic, and which put some previous provocative awards-show appearances by Madonna to shame.”

On “The View,” Stewart admitted to not having seen Lambert's performance. When Joy Behar described it – Lambert “had a guy's head in his crotch. That was something they did not like. And he tongue-kissed  … well, I don't know if the tongues were there but he was kissing a guy. Anyway, they thought that that was off the charts” – the singer dismissed it with a shrug.

“There's nothing wrong with that. It's rock 'n' roll,” said Stewart. “Alice Cooper used to have snakes and bite chickens' heads off.”

Whoopi Goldberg quickly agreed. “That's what I've been saying,” she said. “This is lame. This is nothing.”