The ‘2 Girls’ aren’t All that’s ‘Broke’

“2 Broke Girls” is at it again – granted, there’s a little humor mixed in with the bawdy sex jokes and racism. But the word coined in this week’s episode catches the spirit of the show – “copstitutes,” and the rest of the show demonstrates that the writing is as bankrupt as its characters are supposed to be.

When the crew of a popular TV show chooses to film an episode at their diner, waitresses Max Black (Kat Dennings) and Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) get paid to be “extras,” and they give in to delusions of … grandeur. At least, the kind of grandeur involved in a spin-off show called “Funk and Skank.”

But when Caroline thinks the characters of this hypothetical show would be cops, Max explains, “No, they’re hookers.”

“How about a compromise – cops by day, prostitutes by night – you know, copstitutes.”

A little cute, the joke is more lame than funny, but 2 Broke Girls never stops there. When the director “checks out” Caroline, she blushes, saying “I think the director kinda likes me.”

Max, blunt as ever, corrects – “Well, I don’t know about him, but his penis does.”

The rest of the episode is more of the same tired put-down humor. When the short Asian who runs the bar introduces himself as the “proprietor,” and Max says, “that word’s bigger than you are!”

At least the laugh track is laughing – I don’t know if anyone else is.