ABC Plugs ObamaCare Again

As if the ABC filibuster for ObamaCare wasn’t enough. The network, at it again, plugged Obama’s universal health insurance on “The View” with a huge assist from the editor of Fortune magazine.


The June 26 episode of program was a special, “Bank on The View: How to get a Job,” and was supposed to highlight what industries were hiring and offer tips to successfully find a job. Yet Joy Behar unabashedly used the show to promote Obama’s overhaul of the healthcare industry, even when it wasn’t the topic.


Andy Serwer, the editor of Fortune magazine, was in the midst of a discussion about the jobs available in the health care industry when Behar interrupted him and pointedly asked, “If Obama can push a healthcare, single-pay or whatever he’s trying to do, through, will that alleviate the problem, do you think?


What problem Behar is referring to is unclear, since Serwer was speaking of the jobs available. But to Behar it was the perfect time to slide in support for Obama’s plan, even though she is not even sure what it entails.


At first trying to figure out what Behar was referring to he asked, “You mean in the healthcare, trying to figure it out?” And keeping with the ideology that Obama will deliver the nation, Behar replied, “In the whole country really.” Apparently the healthcare overhaul will solve the nation’s economic woes.


“I mean a lot of companies can't afford to pay health insurance to their employees,” she went on, “Doesn't that ease up the money a little bit for these companies?” Serwer seemed to agree: “Well, I think it would. I mean, that is a huge complicated issue. But I'm all for it…I think it’s a total mess. It's a disaster. It's a basket case. Any of you all out there trying to do medical forms, trying to get insurance, it’s insane, it's totally insane. It should be simple and it should work and right now it is not...”