ABC Reporters Team Up with Environmental Activists on Planet Green

     Some journalists aren’t even faking objectivity when it comes to covering global warming, and ABC and the Planet Green cable network are giving them a platform to promote alarmism.

     ABC’s “Good Morning America” on July 10 promoted the Planet Green show “Focus Earth.” The program, hosted by ABC’s Bob Woodruff, will tell viewers “how the melting of the ice caps actually affects you, your home, your life, your yard,” according to “Good Morning America” host Diane Sawyer.

     The show will feature “correspondents from ABC around the world, around the country, all the way from India to the Middle East to Brazil and in this country, to report on this in much more in-depth than we’re getting right now,” Woodruff promised.

     Supposedly objective journalists will join forces with an environmentalist cable network for a show with the stated focus of alarming viewers about the catastrophic predictions made by global warming alarmists.

     Woodruff acknowledged there is some criticism of efforts to combat global warming. But skeptics of “consensus” theories and opponents of increasing government regulations to curb emissions shouldn’t get too excited about seeing their perspective represented. He explained the criticism is that there is “not being enough [done] by the environmental side of it.”

     Sawyer cooed over the show, calling climate change “the story of the century” and saying, “All right, well as we said, nothing is more important in this century than the survival of the planet.”

     “And you know this is breaking news, and to so many people, you know, watching that this is the most important news to so many of them now,” said Woodruff, who used to be a war correspondent for ABC until he was seriously injured in an explosion.

      But climate change is hardly “breaking news.” The New York Times warned of global warming in the 1930s after it recovered from the 1920s scare about a “new ice age.” Global cooling was in vogue again in the 1970s, and then the Times said warming of an “almost unprecedented magnitude” was headed our way almost 27 years ago in an Aug. 22, 1981, article. The media have run thousands of stories on global warming since.


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