ABC’s DC Drama ‘Scandal’ Rabidly Anti-Conservative, Celebrates Gays in Military

Premiere attacks conservative values and depicts decorated war hero as secretly gay.

ABC’s new drama set in Washington D.C. does nothing to encourage bi-partisanship. “Scandal” is another liberal product of the network, and is a blatant platform for lefty views and policies. The fledgling series is supposedly based on true events, and touts ruthless lawyer Olivia Pope, who was previously employed in the White House.

The debut episode centered on a murder case involving Medal of Honor recipient and Republican party poster boy Lt. Colonel Sullivan St. James. The veteran soldier was a staunch conservative, deacon in his church and vehemently anti-gay. Of course, the alibi proving him innocent of murder was a surveillance tape showing St. James kissing another man.

Pope’s die-hard lefty associate Abby displays the typical liberal “tolerance” for St. James, and wants to refuse the case because of his conservatism, but upon discovering the soldier’s shocking secret she becames his champion.

St. James would rather go to jail than admit he is gay and betray his conservative values, and this revelation prompts Pope and her team of “fixers” to do their true duty and convince the soldier to embrace his homosexuality.  Pope told the war veteran that he was “living a lie” and he must “accept who he really is.”

Ironically, Pope was a liar herself and was keeping a secret of her own. She previously had an affair with the married President of the United States.

Predictably, by the end of the episode St. James saw the light, and openly and proudly gave up his conservative lifestyle. The last five minutes features a televised press conference, and the once voice of the Republican Party was all too happy to announce he was gay.

“I’m honored to be a gay man who served my country,” St. James declared on national television. Just in case you couldn’t see the lefty agenda ABC repeated this “heroic” line twice.

Obviously lefties only celebrate military heroes who cover themselves in liberal ideology, while they decry true acts of valor as military propaganda. The real propaganda here was the flagrant and unashamed heralding of liberal policies, and the left’s complete intolerance of contradicting views.