All the 'Gay' News That's Fit to Print

Four significant homosexual activism-related stories have surfaced this week, but only the three “gay”-favoring items have been picked up by the mainstream media – the MSM have ignored a “gay” activist's call for the murder of a prominent pro-family leader.

On February 7th, Concerned Women for America put out a press release revealing that a homosexual activist had, in lesbian blogger Pam Spaulding's widely read Web log, described the home and neighborhood of pro-family activist Peter LaBarbera and suggested a sniper should take him out. 

The activist, Barry G. Wick, posted the following: “It's across from a park in an area with cul de sacs. I'd bet it's a residence … and across from a park. Snipers take note.” Later in the post Wick wrote, “If I were Azerbaijani and living in Russia right now, I'd want to advocate violence against skinheads. [LaBarbera] and others like him ought to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what future awaits them from a cadre of selected defenders willing to give up everything in order to protect the lives of gay and lesbian citizens." 

LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, has contacted the FBI and North Carolina Attorney General's office about the matter.  A Nexis search showed that not a single MSM outlet has picked up the story.  The only Nexis hit on the subject was CWA's press release.  On February 8th CWA put out another release indicating that the sniper-advocating message had been removed from the blog.  Only, a conservative Web publication, has covered the story.

After CWA's release came out, Spaulding pulled the post off her Website, and Wick sent LaBarbera an apology. But the damage was done.

In sharp contrast, a “gay”-favoring February 7th story has received widespread coverage. Candy maker Mars, Inc. pulled its Snickers commercial, which ran during Sunday's Super Bowl, after pressure from “gay” activist groups who described the ad as “homophobic.”  The Washington Post reported that three homosexual activist groups said the ad demeaned “gay men.”

On February 8th USA Today ran a long feature asserting that “gay” teens are coming out earlier to friends and family.  The article went on to note favorably that attitudes about homosexuality are changing, and made the point with a nifty little bar graph and color-coded map.  A sidebar described a teen girl who has found acceptance as a lesbian through her school's Gay-Straight Alliance club. None of the well documented downsides of homosexuality – greater risks of sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, depression and partner abuse – were addressed.

Also on February 8th, Agence-France Presse reported that the Gay Pride parade in Amsterdam would feature a float for 11- to 16-year-olds for the first time.  The story was picked up by The Drudge Report, which is the equivalent of an Oprah book recommendation for the news-junkie set.

To the mainstream media, stories that promote the “gay” agenda appear to be newsworthy, but any that show the darker side of “gay” activism are not. 


Kristen Fyfe is senior writer at the Media Research Center's Culture and Media Institute (