All We Are Saying is Give Profit a Chance

     It’s doubtful John Lennon had profit entirely in mind when he staged a “bed-in” protest of war in Montreal in 1969 and recorded the infamous peace movement anthem “Give Peace a Chance.” But that’s what one witness to the occasion has in mind now.

     Gail Renard, who interviewed Lennon for a school newspaper at the time of the song’s creation, ended up spending time with Lennon and wife Yoko Ono. Renard even helped write out lyrics for the wordy song for a sing-a-long.

     As a reward, she told the CBS “Evening News” May 6, Lennon gave her his own copy of the lyrics, telling her, “’These things are going to be worth something one day, so take them.’”

     So she did, and now Renard is expecting the lyrics to fetch at least 200,000 pounds (approximately $391,000) when they go on auction at Christie’s.

     “John Lennon’s lyric didn’t produce peace,” reporter Mark Phillips declared. “But his other prediction, that they’d be worth a lot someday, that at least seems to have come true.”