Ammosexual: (n.) Liberal Slur for 2nd Amendment Enthusiasts

Alternet rags on celebrities with any conservative streak.

Vince Vaughn’s affirmation of gun rights in British GQ earlier this week prompted almost no response from mainstream media. Some fringe media like Alternet were not so willing to pass it over.  The results were nothing less than hilarious.

Vaughn’s stance drew statements like, “Vaughn is a vocal libertarian who thinks a lot of things, most of which he seems willing to talk about on the record, regardless of how right or wrong he is.”

Apparently, someone who advocates for gun-rights is an ‘ammosexual’ with ‘dartboard choices’. Because the rest of conveniently left-wing Hollywood has thought through their positions so deeply.

Compiling a whopping list of ten celebrities that support gun rights, Alternet concluded that “The conservative paranoid fantasy of a monolithically liberal Hollywood isn’t completely true.”  My fears aren’t assuaged, but it’s kind of nice to hear that, admittedly.

Of course, any celebrity who hops off of the ideological train is in for trouble, even if it is irrelevant to the issue at hand.  Of musician Eric Clapton, who is cited as pro-gun, Alternet graciously noted, “the idea that he would have guns coming out of his ears seems nothing short of fitting … A man who admittedly beat and raped his wife.”

So much for talking about gun rights.

N.B. to liberals: you can’t make anything into a sexual orientation.