Anti-Vaxxer Jim Carrey Lashes Out at California Governor Vaccine Mandate

Actor’s twitter tirade hits Gov. Jerry Brown and the CDC.

According to liberal actor and anti-vaccine activist Jim Carrey, mandating vaccines for children in order to prevent deadly infectious diseases is fascism.

In a June 30 twitter tirade, Carrey attacked California Gov. Jerry Brown as a “corporate fascist” for signing SB--277 into law. The bill will eliminate individual religious vaccine exemptions. The recent Disneyland Measles outbreak provided some of the momentum for the bill, but it still faced strong opposition from anti-vaccination alarmists who claim they are dangerous to children and can cause autism.

In his attack, Carrey also equated vaccination to “poisoning.” 

Six hours later he attempted to change his narrative, saying that he was actually for vaccines, but opposed thimerosal -- a preservative that alarmist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed was linked to autism. Although it was proven safe thimerosal has already been eliminated from nearly all vaccines since 2001. There are traces of it only in multi-vial influenza vaccines, where it protects against contamination.

Instead of admitting he isn’t a scientist, Carrey labeled opposing scientific evidence as “corrupt.”

Anti-vaccine alarmists like Carrey and RFK Jr. continue to ignore science supporting vaccination. The CDC, FDA and National Institutes of Health all exonerated vaccines (more than two years ago!) after extensive research.The National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and the American Academy of Pediatrics also found thimerosal to be safe and not linked to autism.

The FDA further reported that, while there is nothing wrong with trying to remove thimerosal from vaccinations, a “widespread rejection of vaccines would lead to increases in incidences of serious infectious diseases like measles, whooping cough and Hib bacterial meningitis.”