Bad Labeling Habits Continue

Liberal labeling habits: Meet Sen. Ted Kennedy, plain old "Democrat of Massachusetts," and check out the "conservative legacy of the religious right" (as opposed to the liberal legacy?).

A round-up of the Times' liberal labeling habits: On Saturday, Carl Hulse and Robert Pear's tick-tock on how the immigration deal came to be called Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona a conservative, but Sen. Ted Kennedy was just a plain old "Democrat of Massachusetts," not a liberal. (Ignoring Kennedy's liberalism while labelingRepublicans senators as conservative is an old Times' habit.)

Michael Luo and Laurie Goodstein got redundant in their front-page story Monday, "Emphasis Shifts For New Breed Of Evangelicals," talking of the stubborn "persistence" of the "conservative legacy of the religious right" (would that be as opposed to the liberal legacy of the religious right?).

And a front-page story Tuesday by Robin Toner, "Abortion Foes See Validation For New Tactic," twice termed the pro-life group Justice Foundation "conservative," while pro-abortion Planned Parenthood didn't receive a single liberal label.