Behar Blames Tea Party For Bristol Palin's Continued Success on Dancing With The Stars

Always on the look out to lay blame to conservatives, Joy Behar strikes again. Last night's 'Dancing With The Stars' results were included in the “Hot Topics” portion of 'The View.' This topic was hot enough to get Behar fired up.

Bristol Palin's participation on 'Dancing With The Stars' has drawn more media attention than any other contestant this season, oftentimes turning political. After a lackluster performance many were shocked that Bristol was able to survive for another week. 

Never one to be at a loss for words, Behar chimed in, blaming the Tea Party for Bristol Palin's success. Behar states, “Her fan base is her mother's fan base. The Tea Partiers, they not only vote in the primaries they're going to vote for this also. To keep their girl out there … The momma grizzlies are out there pushing the vote. Why not?” The Tea Party has been blamed for many things, but padding reality TV results is certainly a new one.

Behar's anti-conservative comments are no stranger to the Culture and Media Institute. In previous CMI stories Behar has deemed conservatives as illiterate, likened traditional, monogamous marriage to a “life sentence”, turned to Nazi Germany for advice on reacting to Arizona's immigration law and is an adamant Bush attacker.

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