Behar: Liberal Opinions Come from Being Smart; Conservatives Closed-Minded

It's patently obvious HLN host Joy Behar has a disdain for the conservative point of view. But is it because she is ideologically liberal, or perhaps does she just think it is “cooler” to be liberal?

On CBS's “Sunday Morning,” CBS correspondent and sometime fill-in “Evening News” anchor Russ Mitchell interviewed the HLN host of “The Joy Behar Show.” He asked her about views and where this view came from.

“Her unabashed liberal opinions often lead to some heated debates with her 'View' co-hosts … especially with the politically conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck,” Mitchell said. “Where did this liberal streak come from?”

Turns out, it isn't because of a particular issue or set of reasons she is a self-proclaimed liberal, but because Behar suggests there's a higher intellect if you're a liberal.

“It comes from being smart,” Behar said.

And Behar has paraded this “smartness” on “The View” and her HLN show. She has attacked prayer as a substitute for thinking, accused former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin of intentionally making her children media targets and exhibited irrational hatred for Rep Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., not unlike most of those “smart” people on the left that seem to think a backbencher congresswoman from Minnesota is a threat to civil society.

Mitchell reacted to Behar's response by asking what her “The View” co-host would have to say about her conclusion. Behar response: Conservatives are just closed-minded.

MITCHELL: What'd Elisabeth say to that?
BEHAR: Listen, I have my prejudices, you know, too. I think that people who are liberal are more open-minded. That's all. I just believe that. You know, you can argue with that all you want. You can say, 'Oh, conservative people are open-minded.' I don't agree with that. I don't.

You want to see an example of Joy Behar open-mindedness? Early this year this wizard of political correctness, along with comic Kathy Griffin, called religious groups “self-righteous” and “fun” to rip on.

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