Behar Ridicules Christians, Insists She Doesn't Ridicule Christians

Joy Behar is no stranger to anti-Christian sentiments, except in her own mind.

On “The Joy Behar Show” July 15, the host railed against Christians who defended actor and director Mel Gibson in the wake of drunken anti-Semitic comments in 2006, but are silent about his recent racist and sexist comments. Moments later, however, Behar claimed she doesn't hate Christians.

Guest Rebecca Dana, a correspondent for The Daily Beast, explained to Behar that she had tried unsuccessfully to contact conservative evangelical leaders to comment on the latest controversy around Gibson, even though they had defended him for making anti-Semitic comments in 2006 around the time his “Passion of the Christ” movie was released. Dana said the impression Christians have given her is that it's acceptable to bash Jews and gays.

After Behar bashed Gibson for his racist/misogynist comments and Christians for not condemning him, guest Stephen Baldwin, a Christian actor, said people should look for ways to help him get better.

Behar called the idea that, “'There but for the grace of God go I' is a bunch of baloney.” When Baldwin asked if Behar was perfect, she snarkily answered, “Yes, I am.”

Baldwin said that Behar never seemed to portray individual Christians in a “positive way” and asked why she “hated Christians,” a charge that she quickly dismissed. “I didn't say anything against you – you're a Christian.” Behar said. “Rebecca's a Christian – I didn't say anything about her.” Dana quickly corrected Behar saying, “I'm a Jew.”

Behar may not have said anything condemning Baldwin specifically, but numerous examples in Behar's recent past have revealed her less-than-saintly disposition towards Christians and their faith. On the June 22 episode of “The View,” she said prayer “takes the place of thinking,” called it “illogical.”

Behar has also had a penchant for portraying Christians – especially those in politics –negatively. On May 12, Behar attacked Sarah Palin, an outspoken Christian, when she told The Daily Beast's Kevin Sessums that she would “never forgive John McCain for foisting Sarah Palin” on America. Behar even took a stab at Todd Palin, calling him a “bum” for being a stay-at-home dad on her “Headline News” program last November.

Just last April, Behar compared the prayers of former President George W. Bush to a terrorist's Muslim prayers to Allah. Behar even provoked those in her own Catholic faith when she suggested in January of 2008 that Catholic saints were mentally ill.

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