BMI's Gainor: 'Disagreement is Not Allowed in the Media'

     Business & Media Institute Vice President Dan Gainor appeared on "Fox & Friends" March 3 to explain network news reporters' failure to balance their coverage of climate change and their tendency to ignore or mistreat scientists and others who disagree with the "consensus" theories surrounding global warming.

     “Thirteen-to-one the people who they put on are on one side saying, ‘It’s not a debate,’” Gainor said of network news coverage of climate change. A new report from the Business & Media Institute, Global Warming Censored, examined network news coverage of global warming in the last six months of 2007.

     “On CBS, it’s 38-to-1,” Gainor added, reminding “Fox & Friends” viewers that “of course CBS is the same network that has Scott Pelley doing their broadcast. Scott Pelley, of course, is the same guy who compared anybody who disagrees to Holocaust deniers.”

     “There are scientists on both sides of this issue but the media a long time ago decided there aren’t scientists, there’s not a debate and so you’ve got people like Al Gore pushing the lack of consensus, I mean pushing a consensus,” Gainor said.

     Gainor is in New York City for the International Conference on Climate Change, sponsored by the Heartland Institute. The Business & Media Institute is a co-sponsor of the conference and will be hosting a panel discussion on the media’s involvement in advancing alarmism.

      “The essence of the conference basically proves that the consensus theory that Al Gore has been pushing and that the mainstream media have been pushing for years, it’s all bogus, that there really is another side and whether they like to believe it or not, it exists,” Gainor explained on “Fox & Friends.”

     He said “there’s a lot of disagreement at the conference” about what has caused recent warming trends, and what dangers, if any, warming presents. “Disagreement is allowed at the conference I’m at. Disagreement is not allowed in the media.”