Bolivian President Calls for Death of Capitalism, Climate Tribunal

If there was any doubt left about the anti-capitalist aims of global warming alarmists, Bolivian President Evo Morales quashed it with his Dec. 9 speech at the Cancun climate summit.

Morales blamed capitalist climate policies for 'genocide,' saying that 300,000 people die annually from the effects of climate change. However, meteorologist Anthony Watts read the fine print and debunked that UN statistic in 2009.

'There are two ways: either capitalism dies or Mother Earth dies,' Morales said, according to Huffington Post and the Vancouver Sun.

Furthermore Morales attacked carbon markets from the left saying, 'We came to Cancun to save nature, forests, planet Earth. We are not here to convert nature into a commodity. We have not come here to revitalize capitalism with carbon markets.'

Climate and Capitalism, a website devoted to the issues of climate change, capitalism and eco-socialism, provided more text of Morales' speech including his call for a climate tribunal.

'Laws must be complied with, which is why with much wisdom, the people have proposed creating an International Climate Justice Tribunal. We all know how important it is to create one to ensure compliance with the Kyoto Protocol,' Morales said.

According to Canada's Dec. 4, Globe and Mail, Morales has been calling for climate 'reparations' for some time and hosted the People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in April 2010. The meeting prompted a 'manifesto' calling for wealthy nations to pay for the 'decolonization of the atmosphere.'

A Dec. 10 Nexis news search for 'Morales' and 'capitalism' turned up only one U.S. media mention about the socialistic climate speech - that was from Associated Press. The television news media have been far less interested in covering the Cancun summit, than they were in 2009 when the meeting took place in Copenhagen, Denmark.