Bono to Pen Column for the Times Next Year

Hey, he's got to be better than Bruce Springsteen...

Bono will write a column next year for the Times, reports Radar Online. Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal has evidently found what he's looking for in picking the Irish rock band's vocalist and chief songwriter to write several pieces for the Times in 2009.

Seriously, if one is intent on filling a column quote for pretentious liberal rock stars, one could do a lot worse than Bono, who has said some thoughtful things about Christian belief and worked with Sen. Jesse Helms , who many of his fans saw as the devil incarnate, on a huge foreign aid package signed by Bush (Bono attended the White House ceremony). The Times has certainly done worse before - remember this soporific Bruce Springsteen column endorsing John Kerry? One would have to be a serious completist to make it to the end.