Brit Hume Slams ‘Stomach-Turning’ Abortion Industry’s ‘Veil of Antiseptic Tidiness’

Political analyst hopes one day Americans will regret legalizing abortion.

In a July 20 Fox News Special Report, Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume “laid bare the essentially brutal nature of abortion.” And he did it well. 

His commanding denouncement of the industry followed the July 14 release of “stomach-turning” Planned Parenthood videos, which showed officials coolly discussing the traffic of fetal body parts while eating lunch.   

“Those revelations … have parted the veil of antiseptic tidiness behind which the abortion industry has for so long operated,” Hume declared. 

“Let’s be blunt,” he continued. “Abortion involves the extraction and killing of a human life, which within a couple of weeks of pregnancy has a beating heart. Five weeks in, its hands and legs begin to grow.” 

“It is these tiny creatures – and too often ones that are far more developed – that are pulled from a mother’s womb and crushed with forceps, oh, but oh so carefully, lest body parts which could later be sold are preserved.” 

“This gruesome procedure shows the extent to which we, as a people, have been anesthetized by the estimated 55 million –55 million – abortions performed since the Supreme Court discovered a constitutional right to that procedure 42 years ago.” 

In his powerful conclusion, Hume asked: “Will we as a nation not someday come to look upon that decision and what it has done to us, not to mention the 55 million, with horror and regret? One can only hope we will.” 

Yes, one can only hope. But when liberals come under fire for saying “all lives matter,” you know that the view of life in this country is sad indeed.