British Comic Oliver Wonders How Celebrating Columbus is ‘Still a Thing?’

The late night comic bashes the ‘strangest’ of American holidays.

Since liberals rule late-night comedy, it’s no surprise that a left-wing version of American history would make it’s way into the comedy routines. After all, liberals are already defending the politically correct changes to AP U.S. history books as needed because conservatives “hate” the true history of America which excluded everyone but white men.

Well late night comedy host John Oliver certainly is on board with this mindset. He took the opportunity of the upcoming Oct. 13 Columbus Day holiday to bash the “murderous ego maniac” known as Christopher Columbus on his Oct. 5 television show.

In the skit called, “How Is This Still a Thing?” the narrator describes Oct. 13 as “the strangest of holidays,” which commemorates Columbus’ landing in the Bahamas as inspiring “a long tradition of obnoxious white people visiting Caribbean islands and acting like they own the place.”

The voice-over continues to explain how what children learn in school isn’t the whole story.

“Of course, what they tend not to learn are the parts of Columbus' life where he kidnapped native Americans and sold them into slavery, had his men slice them to pieces and through disease and warfare, killed roughly half the population of Haiti. But in fairness none of that rhymes with in 1492.”

"So America’s least favorite holiday commemorates a murderous, ego maniac who's most famous discovery was a case of getting lost and refusing to ask directions. All of which is enough to make you wonder, Columbus Day, how is this still a thing?"

By now, everybody knows that Columbus was a flawed character and his arrival in the New World had dire consequences for many natives. But should Americans not revere the courage and fortitude of a man venturing into the unknown? Should we be ashamed that his voyage led eventually to the establishment of the nation that some of us still love and recognize as a force for good in the world?

John Oliver thinks so, which raises the question: How is guilt-drenched liberal America-bashing still a thing?

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.