Business Insider’s Walker: Gay Marriage Opponents can go ‘F**k Themselves’

Because tolerance!

“To me suggesting I should treat gay marriage opposition as legitimate seems to me like suggesting I should have been unbiased about Jim Crow,” tweeted Hunter Walker, the Senior Political Correspondent for Business Insider

Walker, the son of two lesbians, said last week that he generally likes “to think I am fairly objective and unbiased in my reporting and even my comments on this personal Twitter.” However, he declared, “I make absolutely no effort to hid [sic] the fact I am totally, completely pro-gay marriage.”

Walker’s Twitter rant came in response to a Washington Examiner article titled “Media openly cheers Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling.” In the piece, T. Becket Adams noted the large-scale abandonment of objectivity by liberal journalists and media outlets covering the news. The usual suspects — including the Daily Beast, BuzzFeed and HuffPo — clearly expressed joy and approval at the decision. 

Walker didn’t see any problem with that. “This is basically the one issue where I make no pretense or effort to be remotely unbiased,” Walker continued. “The arguments against gay marriage are so utterly stupid and hateful that I feel no need to pretend otherwise.”

Walker then gave the classic liberal ultimatum: “Gay marriage is fantastic,” he tweeted. “To say anything otherwise is a personal insult to me and my family.” 

Right. So it’s not just disagreement the reporter won’t tolerate. If conservatives don’t cheer and wave rainbow flags, it’s a personal insult. 

Then, just to give those conservative “haters” something to think about, Walker went a little further. “And, as far as I'm concerned … anyone else who suggests gay marriage should be anything but cheered can go f**k themselves.” 

Wait, sorry, who’s being hateful here?