Calling Pelosi, Rangel, and Conyers Liberal an "Incendiary" Accusation

Fresh after suggesting racism was to blame for Harold Ford Jr.'s loss in his Tennessee Senate race, hypersensitive reporter Adam Nossiter chides GOP for calling liberal Democrats liberal.

Fresh after suggesting racism was to blame for Democrat Harold Ford Jr.'s loss in the Tennessee Senate race, Adam Nossiter goes to Indiana and finds "G.O.P. Collapse in Indiana Emblematic of Larger Loss."

While free to suggest Tennessee Republicans are racist for not voting for a Democrat, Nossiter shows he's hypersensitive to Republicans who call liberal Democratsliberal, findingthe accusation"incendiary":

"As he campaigned for re-election, the Republican who lost his seat in the House of Representatives here on Tuesday threw several incendiary barbs suggesting that the opposition was beyond the mainstream of these placid southern Indiana environs: 'Homosexual agenda'; 'San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi'; 'New York liberal Charlie Rangel'; 'Detroit liberal John Conyers.'"

Is there anyone (besides Nossiter) who doubts that Pelosi, Rangel and Conyers are liberal?