Calvin Klein 'X' Ad Aims for X-Rated Theme

“Hey, hey you. Wanna see my s---?” And that's how the latest Calvin Klein commercial begins.  Of course, it really should come as no surprise that the commercial features underwear-clad models asking “if you wanna see it” since the company is known for its raunchy, and even pornographic, ads.

The ad featured a series of young men wearing only cK X underwear offering to reveal more. Huffington Post described the ad saying, “The four gents tug at their tighty-whiteys' waistbands while spitting out expletive-ridden phrases in the typical oh-so-shocking cK fashion”

Although the commercial was just 49 seconds long, the male models used 14 expletives that Calvin Klein “censored” out with a beep. Even though a model stated, “It's all about the f------ Calvins” it's difficult to think it's really not all about the sexual references.

The advertisement was based entirely around the models teasing the audience if they want to see “it,” while warning that they can't get too close. One model stated, “I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

Another teased, “eyes up here.” But the next model asked, “wanna see more?” After all, he assured, “you know you like that s---.”

Just to tease some more, one model whispered, “closer.” But the audience is warned not to get too “close.” Of course, that can't be taken too seriously and just to reinforce the element of being a tease, another model assured the audience that he was “just f------ with you.”

The commercial ended with a model asking, “You want some f------ more?” No, no thanks, we do not.

This was just the latest vulgar cK ad to make news. In 2009, CMI reported on a Calvin Klein advertisement “composed of photographs of three to five twenty-somethings sprawled out half naked on each other in various sexual positions.” But nothing compares to the Calvin Klein 1999 advertisement that featured young models in their underwear with suggestive dialogue. The advertisement was pulled within 24 hours because of child pornography issues.

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