Can Ralph Nader Be Forgiven?

Reporter Robin Finn mentions Ralph Nader's "devastating feud with the Democratic Party." But devastating for who?

Reporter " target="_self">Robin ">Finn specializes in glowing profiles of local liberal activists, and her latest "Public Lives" piece, "Relocating, and Reclaiming a Mentor's Legacy," finds Henriette Mantel, who's just filmed a Ralph Nader documentary, "An Unreasonable Man," on what Finn terms was Ralph Nader's "devastating feud with the Democratic Party."

Devastating to Al Gore in Florida in the 2000 presidential race, anyway, which perhaps means devastating to Finn and her circle of colleagues.

Finn lets Martel gush over left-wing populist Ralph: "'I thought he was a genius, and I don't use that word loosely,' she says. 'He was proof that yes, you can take on General Motors, and you can fight City Hall. Ralph is always up for a good confrontation with people who disagree with him; Ralph just does what he thinks is right. Part of the reason I did the movie was that I was sick of people yelling at me about how Ralph ruined the country and lost the election for the Democrats. I wanted someone from the other side to change my mind. I was open to someone proving it to me that it was Ralph's fault that Gore lost.'"