CBS Lauds Latest Jolie-Pitt Pregnancy

On Friday morning, Early Show reporter Priya David celebrated the approaching birth of twins to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, without mentioning the poor cultural example set by prominent Americans who raise families without marrying.

David exulted over the pregnancy by reporting on the wonderful surprise Jolie and Pitt felt when they found out they were expecting twins.  She quoted Jolie as saying, “We weren't expecting twins!  So it did shock us, and we jumped to six quickly.  But we like a challenge.”

After hyping the pregnancy, David made sure to mention how genuine Jolie's and Pitt's relationship seemed to be.  She quoted Ari Karpel, senior writer of Entertainment Weekly:  “It's so hard to judge from the outside whether something is genuine between two people.  All I can say is what we see, and they do seem to genuinely love each other.”

David ended by quoting Jolie when asked whether she intended to marry.  Jolie said, “It's not a big intentional thing not to marry.  We immediately were a family when we became a couple, and children were the priority, and we're both legally committed to the children.”  

Message from CBS: As long as two people really love each other and are committed to the children, it's ok not to marry.  

Under the “too much information” category, David quoted Jolie as saying, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, that her pregnancy “was great for the sex life”

David went on to quote Karpel, who said, “I think Angelina sort of let it speak for itself when she said being pregnant, having sex, it lets you get more creative.  She kind of left it there.” 

Karpel raised Angelina's openness about the issues in her life, according to David.  “The amazing thing about Angelina is that no topic is off limits.  She seems to revel in getting into the touchier subjects, the darker areas, the more sensitive things.”

Julia Seward is an intern at the Culture and Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center.