Cheap Shot Alert: Paul Krugman Attacks Powerline Blog, Citing Four-Year-Old Post

Economist turned liberal-meme chasing columnist Paul Krugman wondered if Media Matters would get credit for bringing down CNN anchor Lou Dobbs "the way the ludicrous Powerline got lionized for bringing down Dan Rather."

Economics columnist Paul Krugman made an extraneous attack on a conservative blog on his blog "Conscience of a Liberal" the evening of November 12.

Writing about the surprise resignation of CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, which may or may not have been the result of liberal pressure groups opposed to his stance against illegal immigration:

Greg Sargent asks whether progressive bloggers and web sites, Media Matters in particular, will get any credit for Dobbs's fall, the way the ludicrous Powerline got lionized for bringing down Dan Rather. Probably not; Washington is still, as Josh Marshall likes to say, wired for Republicans.

The Powerline link is to a blog post from July 2005 praising Bush in splendiferous terms (in a tongue-and-cheek manner) for a clean development pact with Asian nations. Post author John Hinderaker at some point updated it to reflect liberal loathing for that particular post. That alone indicates that when it comes to politics, the prize-winning economist Krugman prefers to follow the left-wing herd.

Hinderaker wrote in part:

UPDATE: Of all the thousands of posts we have done over the years, this one seems to most outrage the Left, I suppose because it is so at odds with liberals' cherished illusions about President Bush. The tone of the post is obviously tongue in cheek, but liberals never seem to notice. They are, to put it charitably, not big on nuance.