China Not ‘Communist’ Says Author Naomi Klein on MSNBC

While touting her ‘Capitalism vs. The Climate’ book, Klein gets the facts wrong, again.

Author and columnist Naomi Klein is still having trouble getting her facts straight. This time, in an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” she tried to argue China is not a communist country, even though it is run by the Communist Party of China.

In that Sept. 24 interview, Klein was promoting her new book, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate.” She claimed that “we have an economic system that has essentially waged war” on the planet.

When host Joe Scarborough asked, “What about China?” which is a country putting out lots of carbon emissions. She claimed they were a “classic” example of the problem with capitalism. He asked, “well you wouldn’t say that the communist Chinese are class capitalists would you?”

“I wouldn’t say they’re communist either,” Klein replied.

But it isn’t a matter of Klein’s opinion. China refers to itself as Communist.

She argued that China’s “emissions trajectory” began to soar when they joined the World Trade Organization in 2000. Kleing also argued that the Chinese and the rest of the world need more regulation to police the pollution levels. She advocated a type of global carbon tax system just and she had proposed in her book released this month.

Like many climate alarmists, Klein insisted the climate debate is settled and “all of our most credible scientists, scientific organizations, the World Bank, and Price Waterhouse Cooper” agree that “business and usual” will cause 4 to 6 degrees of warming. She also suggested that’s “more than 10 degrees Celsius,” but it is 2.2-3.3.