CMI VP Gainor Appeared on Nightline to Discuss Chaz Bono Dancing Controversy

For more than a month now, the nation has buzzed with controversy about the first transgender 'star' to appear on 'Dancing With the Stars,' Chaz Bono. ABC's 'Nightline' ran a segment on Chaz Bono on September 19, also the same night as the Season 13 premiere of DWTS, highlighting the controversy and featuring commentary from MRC's Culture and Media Institute Vice President, Dan Gainor.

'ABC and 'Dancing with the Stars' are taking what ostensibly was a family-friendly show and pushing homosexuality and transgenderism down on the American public,' Gainor told 'Nightline.' 'ABC is certainly normalizing what is clearly abnormal behavior.'

'Nightline' got Chaz's reaction to the 'ballroom backlash' in which he stated, 'It's made me realize I'm really glad I'm doing this because America really needs to see this.' 'Nightline' host Cynthia McFadden called Bono, 'the most public face of the transgendered community,' then highlighted the Oprah Winfrey Network documentary of Bono's transformation, and quotes from Bono's 'famously liberal,' and supportive mother, Cher.