CMIs Dan Gainor Appeared on The Joy Behar Show to discuss MTVs "Skins"

Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor appeared on the January 24 broadcast of Headline News' 'The Joy Behar Show,' to discuss the raunchy new teen drama from MTV, 'Skins.'

Gainor, who appeared on a panel with Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing Group and Rachel Sklar, editor at large for, highlighted MTV's blatant push for ratings and lack of consequences on 'Skins.'

'No its voyeurism,' said Gainor. 'Its teen sex, it's the worst of behavior you can possibly have. If MTV could throw virgins into a volcano and sacrifice them or set puppies on fire, they'd do it to get ratings…They're totally shameless and they've tried to create a show that has no consequences for the teens and what they've done is create a show that has a lot of consequences for MTV.'

The controversy over 'Skins' and its potential legal trouble with portraying child pornography has caused the Parent's Television Council to call for an investigation into whether or not laws are being broken with the underage actors. The teens on the show engage in reckless, illegal behavior that involves the use of drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sexual acts. So far, 5 advertisers have pulled their advertisements from the show.