CNN Finds Teachers Struggling to Find Work, Blames Lack of 'Stimulus'

Media bias never takes a summer vacation.

On CNN’s June 28 “American Morning,” reporter Mary Snow lamented the poor hiring prospects for teachers in the wake of thousands of layoffs around the country. While several factors such as stalemate unions, state budget crises and the overall troubled economy have contributed to the lack of teaching job openings, CNN blamed the lack of stimulus money.

”Nationwide, 275,000 teaching jobs are on the line. According to a group of national school administrators, a big reason why: stimulus money is gone,” Snow said.

CNN interviewed Noelle Ellerson of the American Associate of School Administrators (AASA) who portrayed schools as victims because there was no more stimulus money but failed to interview anyone with an opposing viewpoint:

“Those stimulus dollars were much needed and much, much appreciated but it was one-time money and that money is running out,” Ellerson said.

Snow cited teacher layoffs in New York (15,000), Illinois (20,000) and California (26,000) figured provided by liberal teachers’ union National Education Association and American Teachers Federation.

The report, like others in the past, didn’t consider that those teacher unions might be part of the problem. Snow failed to mention that teachers routinely earn more money than the average American and that state budget shortfalls are part of the reason teachers may be struggling to find work.

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