Colbert Continues Attacking Right, Lampoons Trump

Parodies announcement speech from a trash can.

So much for Stephen Colbert pretending he’s anything other than a die-hard liberal. Colbert welcomed businessman Donald Trump by lampooning his announcement speech from a trash can.

Colbert, who will replaced David Letterman on The Late Show in September, quickly created what The Huffington Post deemed a “comic gem” – a rather crude parody of Trump’s announcement speech.

Colbert stood in a human-sized trash can for the duration of the speech, and styled his hair to look like the billionaire’s. Although Trump did ramble during his announcement, the comedian accentuated these moments and added weird topics of his own.

At one point, the Colbert literally foamed at the mouth. Finally, at the end of the six-minute “speech,” he poked fun at Trump’s family, bringing four young women onto the stage and saying, “I assume that one of these women is my wife, some of them might be my daughters.”

According to The Wrap, Colbert had previously stated that he would not be running The Late Show in “character as a clueless conservative pundit.” Maybe he’s just enjoying that role until the very last minute.  

When Colbert was first hired to replace Letterman, Rush Limbaugh made it clear that the new show host would declare “war on the heartland of America,” leading to a “redefinition of what is funny.” He predicted that “no longer is comedy going to be a covert assault on traditional American values [and] conservatives, now it’s just right out in the open.”

Colbert wasn’t alone hating on The Donald. “It's very clear that the pundit class and the media elites do not like Donald Trump,” said Steve Doocy on this morning’s Fox and Friends. You can say that again, Steve.

Indeed, to say that the media has not been flattering would be an understatement.

Today’s Daily News cover read “Clown Runs for Prez.” A picture of Trump’s face—covered in garish clown make-up – graced the page behind the headline.

Jon Stewart sarcastically called Trump a “gift from heaven entering the presidential race because apparently Huckabee-Santorum wasn’t far-fetched enough.”