Columnist Charles Blow Easily Frightened By "Crazy Stuff" from Right-Wing

Charles Blow: "...some of the right's talking heads are talking about an armed revolt....Crazy stuff methinks."

Times "Visual Op-ed" columnist Charles Blow is easily frightened, judging from his Tuesday blog postfretting about all the "crazy stuff" that's appeared in his in-box since he rattled conservative cages in Saturday's paper by accusing someright-wing talking heads of fomenting an armed revolt.

On Saturday I wrote a column called "Pitchforks and Pistols." In it I discussed the fact that some of the right's talking heads are talking about an armed revolt. At the same time, their claim that President Obama wants to take away people's guns is helping to fuel the panic buying of firearms. This is a combustible combination.

For proof of that, I looked no further than my email inbox over the last few days. So, I have decided to publish excerpts from some of those e-mails. Crazy stuff methinks.

From Kurt and Cheryl:

"Well Mr. BLOW, the revolution is on, America has been awakened from it's induced coma and is coming to take back that which belongs to her."

From SamAdams1776:

"I serve in the military. I am TELLING you will will NEVER obey any of the 10 orders you will find at Further, we who serve, and that includes the police adn officers and enlisted are forming small groups to actively and with force if necessary,oppose any attemps to impose those 10 unconstitutional orders. And if there IS a revolution, and they serve the Constitution, they will find a friend in us-and military weapons - for to such do we have access."

Blow reprinted a few more hyperbolic emails before concluding:

In my column I wrote of this far right group: "They're apocalyptic. They feel isolated, angry, betrayed and besieged." Confirmed.

Of course, outspoken conservatives like Michelle Malkin, Jonah Goldberg, and Rush Limbaugh get stuff like this every day, but in vile, racist, sexist terms. They just take it with a bit more good humor than does Blow.