Columnist Charles Blow Insults Poor Mississippians, 'Tea Party Crybabies'

In an epic (for Twitter) rant, Times columnist Charles Blow masters the art of gentle persuasion: Sit down foul-mouthed Tea Party crybabies.

Times columnist and active new media guy Charles Blow mocked Obama-care protesters (as well as, um, impoverished Mississippians) in a rant on the social networking service Twitter.

Blow temporarily abandoned the brevity spirit of Twitter while fulminating against "foul-mouthed Tea Party crybabies," stringing actual complete sentences across five consecutive tweets which had to be read (in my Twitter feed at least) from bottom to top, as well as the arbitrary crack at Mississippi (Times Watch's home state, by the way), where evidently only three people in the state make over $200K a year. You learn something everyday from Times writers.

Here's Blow's rant, strung together (typos cleaned up), with the individual tweets separated by slash marks. (The last tweet, in bold, is the one in the image included in this post.)

Another thing about health care is that the Repubs keep screaming about new taxes. Yes, there will be some, but many will be on/the wealthy. Saw something last night that said NY tri-state will pay 20% of new taxes, but only has 10% of the US's pop/That means that most liberal parts of the country - the parts that wanted [health care reform] the most - will pick up most of the tax burden/So what are those tea party people whining about. I'm going to pay for their insurance. After all, how many single people in/Mississippi make over $200k a year? 3, maybe....Sit down foul-mouthed Tea Party crybabies.