Daily Beast Attacks Post-Abortion Counseling

You’re not allowed any regrets, so get over it, sister.

To the abortion absolutists of the left, it isn’t enough that a woman kill off the life inside of her. She then has to be happy about it.

Recently on The Daily Beast, writer Samantha Allen disregarded the voices of women who suffer Post Abortion Stress Syndrome and attacked post-abortion counseling offered by pro-life groups. Allen accused counseling services of “peddling medical lies” about the procedure of abortion.

The author exploited the tragic post-abortion suicide of Stacy Zallie at age 21, whose parents founded The Stacy Zallie Foundation to offer “non-judgemental” post-abortion care in her memory. The piece bashed the efforts of Stacy’s parents to offer help and counseling to women and their Foundation for supporting crisis pregnancy centers, and post-abortion counseling groups such as Project Rachel and Rachel’s Vineyard.

Allen went on to ignore the voices of women in the Silent No More Awareness group, which allows women who have suffered devastation after abortion to share their stories. Despite the myriad stories shared at Silent No More, Allen claimed it’s “only a minority of women who do experience long-term psychological distress after abortion”. 

Of course, if abortion is such a breeze, the Planned Parenthood boiler plate Allen quoted doth protest too much:

“It’s important to remember that serious, long-term emotional problems after an abortion are as uncommon after an abortion as they are after giving birth. At Planned Parenthood, we make sure that all women have support before, during, and after an abortion. Our health center staff provide compassionate, high-quality care to our patients, which includes emotional support and resources,” Cullins said.

Allen demonstrates animosity towards pro-life efforts to counsel women before and after abortions, and whines that the voices of women who regret their abortions are an insignificant minority.