Dance of Death: Sundance Worships Abortionist Involved In Botched Abortion

LeRoy Carhart, Jennifer Morbelli’s abortion ‘doctor, stars in Sundance film.

Sundance glorified adultery, porn, and sex with minors during the 2013 Sundance Festival, but now another topic received excruciating recognition: death.

Two weeks ago, Jennifer Leigh Morbelli died at the hands of LeRoy Carhart, one of the four remaining United States “doctors” who performs third-trimester abortions. Morbelli sought a 33-week abortion in Germantown, Md., after learning her baby suffered from a medical condition. Morbelli passed away “… due to immense blood loss and hemorrhagic shock” after being revived several times by a medical team, according to the Catholic News Agency. Carhart was “nowhere to be found” when hospital staff and Morbelli’s family tried to reach him for assistance, the story reported.

Carhart, was one of the four third-trimester abortion doctors in Sundance’s featured documentary “After Tiller,” directed by Lana Wilson and Martha Shane. This film provided a new perspective  – “an intimate look into each of the four physicians’ private and professional struggles” as they “force us to step into the shoes of both practitioner and patient.”

Sundance justified the film, explaining, “After Tiller sensitively and artfully extricates the controversy from the ideological realm and humanizes those who have been demonized.” The four doctors have been carrying the torch from their deceased colleague, Dr. George Tiller. Rather than being “murderers” – as that pro-life crowd calls them – the film portrayed them as “saints” who follow a passion to aid women.

Demonized? Those who criticized a man who murders babies old enough for birth; those who prayed for the end to a clinic where both mothers and babies die; those who called out a man who disappears when needed by his victim at a hospital? Sundance calls it demonizing. That’s not demonizing, that’s calling for justice.

Still not convinced of Carhart as champion? In his Kansas facility, he utilized an incinerator, blowing the remains of unwanted children to the wind. He did show a liking for older children though: for last year’s Halloween, his staff handed away condoms and contraception as treats.

Sundance has been no stranger to the grotesque, but its dance of death proves it: the festival has no limit on the perverse and the immoral.