Dancer Strictly Against Same Sex Show Pairings

James Jordan doesn’t want to ‘change everything because it’s PC.’

James Jordan, is a former contestant on the BBC show “Strictly Come Dancing.” And, after criticizing show judge Craig Horwood’s intentions to open up the competition to same-sex couples, Jordan can probably count on remaining former. 

In May, Horwood declared that “There are competitions throughout the world that have same sex couples – you just have to decide who goes backwards darling!” He continued to say that the change will occur “this year, or next year, but most certainly it will happen.”

Jordan didn’t think much of the idea, and ended being criticized for commenting that it would be “stupid” to “compare a man and woman dancing with each other to two men dancing with each other.” Same-sex couples can have their own shows, he stated.

The 37-year-old dancer couldn’t understand “why we must change everything because it’s PC.” Jordan also said he believed Horwood advocated having same-sex couples on the show is because he is gay himself. 

Jordan made clear that he is not homophobic, and has many gay friends. His condemnation of Horwood’s idea stems from the view that the show is about male-female couples. “I don’t think it would go down well,” he predicted regarding same-sex couples. ''Ballroom and Latin dancing is about a man dancing with a woman – that’s fact.” 

However, Jordan did not have a problem with a transgender woman dancing with a man, or a transgender man with a woman. 

"The world is going crazy with this gender stuff at the moment," concluded Jordan. Boy (wait—that’s not gender neutral), is he right. Which makes his willingness to stand up to the craziness all the more noteworthy.