‘Days of Our Lives’ To Add Drama with Gay Bullying Storyline

Fall TV adding even more gay agenda to the lineup.

Fall 2012 TV premieres promise to be laden with gay themes, and daytime soap “Day of Our Lives,” will jump on the same bandwagon. The Huffington Post reported openly gay character Sonny Kiriakis will be part of an anti-gay bullying plotline and will suffer a violent attack.

The plot is in lock-step with other anti-conservative story arcs. Sonny’s assailant will be an old friend, Tad, who fears Sonny is trying to “make him gay.”

Actor Freddie Smith, who plays Sonny, is no stranger to portraying gay characters. Smith previously portrayed a gay man on the CW’s remake of “90210,” where Smith’s character Marco Salazar helped convince straight ladies man, Teddy, of his true feelings for men.

Smith shills for the gay lifestyle and insists America is too “hung up” on sexual orientation. “Sexual orientation is such a small part of the complex person you are," he said.

Gay plots are the “new normal” on television this fall. “Glee” regularly showcased gay characters, and dealt with bullying in past episodes. Popular shows “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Modern Family,” and “Happy Endings” (all aired by ABC) rely heavily on gay story arcs.

In September, CBS and NBC are rolling out sitcoms “The New Normal” and “Partners,” which attempt to normalize gay families.