Did McCain Really "Tolerate Insults and Threats" of Obama?

Reporter Elisabeth Bumiller also paints a distorted picture of John McCain's "devastated" reaction to Rep. John Lewis comparing him to segregationist George Wallace.

As November 4 approaches, reporter Elisabeth Bumillerfound John McCain reverting to jokester form in "McCain Embraces His Lighter Side," from the McCain campaign in the candidate's home away from home, New Hampshire. Talking about McCain's ups and downs, Bumiller, who has been almost uniformly hostile toward the campaign she is covering, wrote:

Two and a half weeks later [McCain] was devastated, aides said, when Representative John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and civil rights leader, invoked the segregationist George Wallace to rebuke Mr. McCain for tolerating insults and threats hurled at Mr. Obama at his rallies.

Bumiller skipped over the fact, also reported in Monday's Times, in a story by John Harwood, that far from sounding devastated, McCain called Lewis's outburst "brazen and baseless" and that even Barack Obama distanced himself from it.Not to mention that the Secret Service never uncovered an actual threat made against Obama at a McCain rally.