Disney's New Hannah Montana Album Features 'Global Warming Anthem'

     Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama’s two daughters, Malia, 9, and Sasha, 6, are big fans of Hannah Montana – and maybe there’s a reason why.

     Teen star Miley Cyrus, known as Hannah Montana in the Disney Channel TV series television of the same name, is now crusading for global warming alarmism. But she admits she isn’t really sure what it means. Disney also owns ABC, a network that often hypes climate change alarmism.

     On the 15-year-old singer’s recently released album “Breakout,” she sings that she wants America to wake up and deal with global warming. The song, “Wake Up America” is about taking care of the earth:

Oh, can you take care of her
Oh, maybe you can spare her

Several moments of your consideration
Leading up to the final destination

Oh, the earth is calling out,
I wanna learn what it’s all about,
But everything I read – global warming, going green
I don’t know what all this means, but it seems to be saying

Wake up, America, we’re all in this together
It’s our home so let’s take care of it
You know that you want to
You know that you got to wake up, America
Tomorrow becomes a new day and everything you do
Matters, yeah, everything you do matters in some way

     Cyrus is one of the current jewels in the Disney crown. But she isn’t alone. Disney purchased ABC in 1995, but the network recently has acquired a taste for global warming coverage.

     The network’s weatherman Sam Champion and reporter Bill Blakemore are two of the consistent voices for hyping the issue. A recent Business & Media Institute study of media climate coverage highlighted a particular low in the network’s reporting. The ugliest treatment of a climate skeptic during the study period came from ABC’s Bill Weir on Nov. 18, 2007, “Good Morning America.” He was interviewing Democratic state representative Jim Gooch from Kentucky.

     Weir peppered Gooch with hardball questions and even attacked Gooch’s motives, saying: “I should point out that your family is in business with the coal industry. You opposed a bill that would’ve stopped coal mines from exploding the tops of mountains and dumping waste into rivers there. So shouldn’t you temper on your opinion on the environment?”

     Disney (NYSE:DIS) announced on July 30 its third-quarter profits rose nearly 9 percent with help from advertising revenues from the company’s cable presence including “Hannah Montana,” one of the most watched shows on cable.

     The teen star herself faced some recent controversy after a photo shoot with renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz in a recent issue of Vanity Fair, which ironically had its own green issue. One controversial photo showed a topless Cyrus clutching a blanket to her chest, her back exposed, looking toward the camera over one shoulder.