Dobbs to Obama: 'Quit Whining and Start Leading'

It is crunch time for President Barack Obama and Democrats. The writing on the wall suggests the president and his party will suffer severe losses and will ultimately lose control of one, if not two chambers of Congress in November. And this was something Obama addressed in a Labor Day speech in Milwaukee on Sept. 6, but he also complained about how he has been personally treated by his critics, suggesting he has been talked about “like a dog.” That was something former CNN anchor and syndicated radio host Lou Dobbs said it was time for Obama to get past.


On the Fox News Channel’s Sept. 7 broadcast of “America Live,” host Megyn Kelly asked Dobbs about Obama’s hypersensitivity and comments about how he is treated by his detractors. According to Dobbs, the president needs to man up and be less concerned about his critics.


“Megyn when you talk about the lies that are told – that happens in any political arena at anytime as you well know,” Dobbs said. “But the lies aren't what are hurting this president. What is hurting this president is the truth. And it is – it's critically important to this administration, this White House, I believe, for this president to quit whining and start leading all of the people – not just groups, not just certain identities but all of the American people.”


Dobbs also noted the president’s last-ditch effort to make another push at saving the economy, which includes a a $50-billion proposal to repair the nation’s infrastructure, and various incentives for companies in the private sector, which Dobbs called  “born of desperation.”


“This political death-bed conversion to free enterprise with less than two months to the election, this is a president who said he would be transparent,” Dobbs said. “Well, his politics are so transparent now it's embarrassing because they are born of desperation. This newly discovered affection for free enterprise by this president – where has he been for the previous 17 months of his administration?”


A recent Gallup poll had the president’s favorability at an all-time low of 43 percent – still higher than his predecessor at the end of his presidency, but a sign he is fading and needs to do something to stem this tide.

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