‘Extreme Conservative’ Hating NY Gov Goes Panhandling in Hollywood

Left-Coast entertainment moguls fund Cuomo’s radical agenda.

Whew, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo must be looking forward to his upcoming Hollywood fundraising trip. Tinsel Town will likely seem a plot of unspoiled heaven, free as it of the "extreme conservatives who are right-to life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay,” and who darken the view from the governor’s mansion in Albany. Cuomo has apparently been struggling to cleanse the state he governs the of knuckle-draggers you might find at the VFW hall or [gasp] church -- “because that's not who New Yorkers are."

Nor is it who entertainment industry poobahs are, which is why Cuomo is jetting across the continent to rub elbows and checkbooks with them. Cuomo will be hosting a re-election fundraiser for for the right sort of people -- pro-dead baby, pro-gay and anti-gun, and well-off enought to fork over up to $25,000 a ticket -- a according to The Hollywood Reporter

Surely, after Cuomo caused a firestorm by suggesting conservatives are unwelcome in New York, the press would be all over his fundraising jaunt among the glitterati. Except that it isn’t news. In 2011, Hollywood gave generously to the former Attorney general, after he legalized gay marriage in New York. Nor is Cuomo the only Democrat funding his campaigns with his Hollywood friends’ money. President Obama himself has had several lavish parties over the years for his campaigns with big-name celebrities like George Clooney, Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg in attendance. 

After all, 78% of Hollywood money went to Democrats in 2008, according to opensecrets.org.

And the news media are almost as reliable a cash cow as their entertainment counterparts. news media isn’t far behind. According to the report, co-hosts of the fundraising event include CEOs from both CBS and NBC. It probably wouldn’t be too flattering for the networks to report on their own CEOs paying into a politician’s re-election campaign. Not to mention Cuomo’s own personal media connection, with his brother Chris, as a CNN reporter.

Cuomo, a Catholic-in-name-only, is as progressive as a Democrat can be, embracing socially left wing notions like abortion, gay marriage, and gun control, as well as left-wing economic weath distribution, fits right in with the Hollywood hypocrites who promote violence and crime in entertainment and objectify women in their movies, but decry gun violence, profit, and conservative women in real life. 

With all their talk about income equality, liberals sure don’t mind using their rich friends’ funds to promote their shared left-wing agenda.

On Jan. 17, Cuomo actually said that “extreme conservatives,” which apparently means people who are pro-life, for traditional marriage and uphold the 2nd ammendment, are not welcome in New York. These kind of statements really show the tolerance and diversity of the progressive party he belongs to.


— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.