FNC's Morris Contends Obama Wants Bank Package to Fail

It is one thing – as Rush Limbaugh has been vilified for – to say you have a desire for the president to fail, but what about accusing the president of wanting his own policies to fail?

That’s what Fox News Channel’s Dick Morris said on the March 25 broadcast of “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” According to Morris, those who are criticizing Obama for his spending, including Daniel Hannan, who represents South East England for the Conservative Party, made famous by a YouTube video eviscerating Keynesian politics, are missing the point. Obama wants to worsen the economic conditions to expand the powers of government according to Morris.

“We are confusing in analyzing the bank bailout and in what Hannan, the other guest you had on – the British Parliamentarian, had on, was also confusing – means with ends,” Morris said. “He said, for example that more spending won’t solve the recession. Obama doesn’t want it to. He wants the recession to permit him to do more spending, and in terms of this bank package, he knows that the public-private partnership isn’t going to work. He’s doing his best to kill it by all these comments.”

To put it simply, Morris told “Your World,” Obama wants to socialize the economy, and bank nationalization will make that possible. The former Clinton administration adviser suggested that the Obama administration was leaking details to The New York Times, disclosed in a March 25 front page story, was evidence he wanted them to fail.

“He wants to nationalize the banks,” Morris said. “He wants a socialist economy. And nationalization of the banks is the best way to achieve it. And if he really wanted this cooperation, he wouldn’t have his people leak a story that’s the front page of The New York Times lead article today that he wants to take companies over.”

According to Morris, the president is doing just enough to give the impression he attempting to salvage the economy without nationalization.

“In sending these mixed messages, he is on the one hand doing the bare minimum that he needs to do to show the people that he supports the public-private partnership, and is trying his best to avoid nationalization,” Morris said. “He just can’t come out and say that I’m for nationalization,” Morris said. He has to come out and say, ‘I’m for doing everything short of nationalization.’”

Cavuto asked Morris about the repercussions of Obama aggressive policies – if they could impact his ability to be reelected in 2012.

“I do not think he much cares about that,” Morris said. “He said something the other day that I thought was really true. They asked him about reelection. He said that if I can accomplish what I want to accomplish …”

“He’d be a great president in four years and a mediocre one in eight,” Cavuto said, finishing Morris’ sentence.

The end goal Morris said was to give the federal government a stronger holder on the private sector by using a financial crisis to achieve it.

“I think he really means it,” Morris said. “I think that his goal here is to dramatically increase federal spending in a host of areas and to nationalize the financial structures system. And if he can do both of those things using the recession/depression as his excuse, he’s going to do it.”