'GMA' Celebrates Anniversary Bragging about Carbon-Belching Travels

     The “Good Morning America” gang of Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, Sam Champion and Chris Cuomo are celebrating their first anniversary together at ABC and they took time on their September 5 show to look back at the previous year.


     “A lot of time has been spent on the road, whether it is here in the U.S. or spanning the globe – wherever it is to bring you the day’s most important stories,” said anchor Roberts.


     During the year, the show has featured countless segments about everyone doing his or her part to curb the threat of global warming, but apparently they didn’t get the memo in time to apply their logic to their broadcast.


     “I tallied it up and we have circled the globe 12 times, 12 times in one year, 315,688 miles,” Roberts said.


     The inconvenient truth of the matter is that among the four of them, they have emitted 61.45 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere far exceeding the amount that Al Gore’s ClimateCrisis.Net allots.


     That should be enough to make even weatherman-turned-global warming crusader Sam Champion cringe in disgust.