GOP "Caricatured" Poor Nancy Pelosi Over Jet Controversy

Carl Hulse issues a predictable defense of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Carl Hulse issued a predictable defense of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's air travel controversy in his Friday "Congressional Memo." Pelosi is under fire for trying to acquire access to a larger military jet than that used by her predecessor, Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert.

"When Republicans learned that Ms. Pelosi was trying to upgrade at taxpayer expense, they caricatured her as an imperial speaker even though no one uttered a peep about Mr. Hastert's reliance on military jets. Cornered by reporters on Thursday, Ms. Pelosi suggested that what she called a misinformation effort emanated from the Pentagon."

That's far from the first time the Times has used that loaded word in order to suggest a Republican is being unfair to a Democrat. In the Times' slanted worldview, poor Nancy Pelosi is constantly being unfairly"caricatured" by the right.