Grist Writer Bashes Former Coal CEO: ‘Frightening & Sociopathic’

David Roberts, who had to apologize for 2006 ‘climate Nuremberg’ remarks, tweets attack on businessman.

Eco-lefty David Roberts is at it again: spewing hateful remarks about people he disagrees with.

Roberts, a staff writer at the liberal environmental website, and self-described “climate hawk,” tweeted  out a nasty attack on Don Blankenship on Oct. 9. Blankenship is the former Chairman and CEO of Massey Energy Co.

On Twitter, Roberts said Blankenship was “one of the most frightening & sociopathic individuals I’ve ever covered ...”  

In the tweet, Roberts linked to an interview with Blankenship by liberal show host Chris Hayes, which aired Oct. 7, on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes.” Despite Hayes attempt to paint Blankenship as the “dark lord of coal country,” Blankenship cogently defended America’s use of coal throughout the interview.

He argued that the relatively cheap electricity generated by coal helped turn the United States into the economic powerhouse that it is today. Blankenship also said he was not convinced by climate “science” suggesting that coal is threatening the future of the planet.

Such climate “heresy” surely upset Roberts, who infamously called for a kind of “climate Nuremberg” for climate skeptics in 2006 remarks. He later apologized, but did not back off from his promotion of jail time for skeptics. Grist has a history of promoting climate extremism. It lauded radical environmentalists for participating in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Grist also defended a gruesome 2010 UK ad which showed exploding children in an effort to scare viewers into cutting carbon emissions.