HBO to Produce Anti-Prop 8 Documentary

New film hails gay marriage as modern “American revolution”

The ink on the SCOTUS ruling is barely dry, but Hollywood is already set to start celebrating the gay victory with more propaganda films. First up? HBO’s new documentary about the lawyers and gay couples who brought down Prop 8.

According to the New York Times, HBO announced this week that it is mere months away from finishing up a special documentary that will “chronicle the court battle to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage.” But the film won’t just showcase the legal battle; it will focus in on the gays involved – the “story of the couples behind the case.”

HBO’s programming president Michael Lombardo said the film would treat the downfall of pro-traditional marriage Proposition 8 as “the story of a modern-day American revolution.”

And apparently, HBO has been planning this one-sided victory-lap documentary for a long time: directors Ben Cotner and Ryan White have “for years” been granted “exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the legal team that argued the recent Supreme Court case over Proposition 8.”  

Co-director Cotner was clearly excited about the project: “Their willingness to give us such amazing access speaks to how confident they were about where history would end up,” he said, speaking of the lawyers and gays he followed around for the last few years.

In fact, it looks like the “documentary” will just become another pro-gay propaganda piece, judging from the comments of one of the lawyers, Ted Olson.  “The best evidence in this case is to hear our clients tell their stories,” claimed Olson. “ ... Ben and Ryan tell this incredible story – that for me was the most important case I’ve ever worked on – people will inevitably be moved by getting to know these amazing individuals.”

But the news that Tinseltown is turning out more pro-gay propaganda shouldn’t be a shock to anyone. After all, Hollywood is “gay marriage’s best man.”