HuffPo Blog: Valentine’s Day Spurs Overpopulation, Global Warming

Blog recommends condoms to save the world.

Nothing says romance like whacko green propaganda. The Huffington Post’s Valentine’s Day prescription: skip the chocolate and use condoms – particularly the “Endangered Species” ones.

Writing in HuffPo, Stephanie Feldstein, the population and sustainability director at the Center for Biological Diversity, listed the “5 Reasons Condoms Are Better Than Chocolate for Valentine's Day.” Feldstein introduced her piece by encouraging, “Instead of the shopping mood, let's talk about getting in a different kind of mood. You know what I'm talking about. Saving the planet. Okay, and sex” – as long as it doesn’t result in kids, of course.

Valentine's Day, according to Feldstein, “is the perfect time to talk about love, population growth and wildlife.” To prove her point, Feldstein listed her reasons one by one:

“1. There are more than 7 billion people in the world.”

From the beginning, Feldstein lamented overpopulation: “Our growing population isn't just putting pressure on the natural resources we need to survive, but it's not leaving much for other species.” And while “chocolate can't solve this problem,” condoms “allow people to choose when and how many kids they want to have, and when people are empowered to make that choice, they tend to have smaller families, which is good news for moms, babies, wildlife and the planet.”

“2. Climate change is a serious threat to future romance.”

Feldstein continued her population theme by and advocated, “We can stop climate change from killing romance by slowing human population growth and getting a handle on our rampant overconsumption.” She added other concerns, such as new temperatures threatening the “loveable species” better known as polar bears, global warming encroaching on the world’s chocolate supply and rising sea-levels destroying “romantic walks on the beach.”

“3. Chocolate is bad for wildlife.”

For her third point, Feldstein bashed chocolate for causing global warming. Besides chocolate crops ruining “rainforests rich in biodiversity,” the tasty substance contains palm oil, which endangers tigers and orangutans. The “farming methods, production and transportation of chocolate” all aid in climate change, Feldstein established.

“4. Condoms are good for you.”

After citing Planned Parenthood statistics, Feldstein decided that, “condoms can put you in control of major life decisions, like if and when to start a family.” Dark chocolate, she added, can have some benefits, but still “it doesn't get credit for protecting you and the planet.”

“5. Condoms are more fun than chocolate.”

Feldstein finished her rant by concluding, “Chocolate will be gone in minutes, but love can last forever – and so can the wild world that sustains us all.”

To participate in her Valentine campaign, Feldstein recommended “Endangered Species Condoms,” “#endangeredlove e-cards” and “free ‘Love Calls of the Wild’ ringtones.”

HuffPo is on a roll this Valentine’s day, also claiming that more porn means more sex and better relationships just in time for February 14.

— Katie Yoder is Staff Writer, Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow in Culture and Media at the Media Research Center. Follow Katie Yoder on Twitter.