HuffPo Gushes Over Artist’s ‘Lesbian Last Supper’

A West Hollywood artist depicts Sapphic celebrities in recreation of DaVinci.

Forget the “Star Wars’ Last Supper” or even the “Simpsons’ Last Supper,” Bronwyn Lundberg has transformed the DaVinci classic into another type of spectacle: the “Lesbian Last Supper.” And her Sapphic sacrilege was celebrated in – where else? – the Huffington Post.

The West Hollywood artist illustrates a lesbian feast, where talk show host Ellen DeGeneres replaces Jesus and other stars, such as Portia de Rossi, Rosie O’Donnell, Rachel Maddow, and Wanda Sykes swap spots with the apostles. 

The Huffington Post’s “Gay Voices” page calls the rendering a “love letter” dedicated to the depicted lesbian celebrities. Lundberg, a lesbian herself, explains to the Huffington Post that, “I drew it because it made me smile and because I wanted to pay tribute to the women who made it easier to be myself.” She acknowledges that, “Religious art will inevitably strike strong responses in some people, but those are issues I can't worry about because I really can't identify with them.” 

Lundberg advertises her piece to consumers on Etsy for $29.99, along with her recent follow-up print: “The Creation of Neil.” A spoof of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam,” the artwork features Neil Patrick Harris, Anderson Cooper, RuPaul, George Takei, and John Waters. Lundberg writes, “I believe gay men (and women) have existed since the beginning of time, which is why I think it's important to include them in historic works of art.” Of course, most people believe sharks and, say, glaciers have existed since the beginning of time. But we won’t hold our breath waiting for Lundberg to render the Mona Lisa shivering her gills off on a frozen fjord.  

This isn’t the first time the gay agenda has attacked religious history and values through “humor” – look at Logo’s ‘7 Days of Holiday Sin.’ Lundberg’s art appears in several articles that provide praise without Christian criticism. The “Lesbian Last Supper” made SheWired’s Holiday Gift Guide and Queerty promoted Lundberg’s “The Creation of Neil” piece, saying “If there’s someone you still owe a Christmas present, this is definitely a winner.” 

Celebrating Jesus’ birth with the belated gift of Ellen DeGeneres as Jesus? Yes, an absolute a “winner.”